What are mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae are actually fungus. They exit as very tiny, almost or even entirely.

Plants make great garden. Just like we fertilize our gardens. Plants feed their own mycorrhizae plants will take excess sugar produced in the leaves through photosynthesis and sent it to the roots from here, the mycorrhizae are able to absorb it to sustain themselves. There is very little sunlight underground and even if there was the mycorrhizae wouldn’t be able to harvest it like plants because they don’t have the equipment needed for photosynthesis the sugar from the Plant lithely keeps the mycorrhizae feed and alive.

Plants are able to get nutrients themselves thought their roots. But they have a limited ability to do so. Their roots need to be in dulcet contact with the soil to absorb the nutrients and plants roots only grow so small fungizone the other hand can get much smaller fungal hyphae can wedge in between individual bits of soil to cover almost every available cubic millimetre of soil this increase surface are and allows

the plants much greater access to nutrients than they could get by themselves for mong plants living under difficult condition they wouldn’t be able to survive at all without mycorrhizae roots gold absorb nutrients such as phosphorus and magnesium and bring it dulcetly to the plant roots. Here they exchange the nutrients they collected for some sugar.

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