Chopped Strand are coated with a silone – based coupling agent system and are compatible with different resin systems such as PA, PET, PBT, PC, PP, AS, ABS, UP and phenolic resins. Dry Chopped Strand are design as reinforcement for thermoplastic and thermo set resins and are in thermoplastic and BMC / DMC. The main molding processes are injection and compression. The product is mainly used in the Automobile Industry, Home Appliances, Valves, Pump Housing, Chemical Corrosion Control and Sports Equipment. Dry Chopped Strand can also be used for reinforcing Cements with the main process of pre-mixing and spraying. The product is widely used in GRC panels, insulation and sound absorption walls sculpturing or other arnaments.

Chopped Strand are produced by chopping dry fiberglass strands into a certain length. The surface of Strand is coated with a Silone - based size which imparts specific application properly to the product.


Serial No Glass Chop Length , mm Resin Compatibility Process
1 E 3, 4.5, 6, 12 UP BMC
2 E 3, 4.5, 6, 12 UP BMC
3 E 3, 4.5 , 6 PF BMC
4 E 3, 4.5, 12 PP Thermoplastics
5 E 3 AS,ABS Thermoplastics
6 E 3 , 4.5 PBT , PET Thermoplastics
7 E 3 , 4.5 PBT , PET Thermoplastics
8 E 3 , 4.5 PA Thermoplastics
9 E 12 CEMENT Reinforcing Cement

Dry Chopped Strand can be packed in carton boxes, composite plastic woven bags, Wooden Crates and Bulk Bags. Bulk Bags and Wooden Boxes can hold 500 kg to 1000 kg each. Carton Boxes and composite plastic woven bags can hold 15 kg to 25 kg each.


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