Boron(B) is not required by plants in high amounts, but can cause serious growth problems if it is not supplied at appropriate levels.Boron is different from other micronutrients in that there is no chlorosis associated with its deficiency; however it does have similar toxicity symptoms as other micronutrients.

Function: translocation of sugars and carbohydrates,nitrogen metabolism ,formation of certain proteins,regulation of hormone levels and transportation of potassium to stomata(which helps regulate internal water balance).Since boron helps transport sugars ,its deficiency Boron is used with calcium in cell wall synthesis and is essential for cell division(creating new plant cells).Boron requirements are much higher for reproductive growth so it helps with pollination,and furit and seed development .

Other functions include causes a reduction of exudates and sugars from plant roots ,which can reduce the attraction and colonization of mycorrhizal fungi.

Deficiency: Boron deficiency is expressed in the growing points of roots and shoots and also flower and fruiting structures .Often ,terminal buds die and shoot internodes shorten ,which leads to stubby ,distorted new growth emerging from side nodes causing “resetting” or a “bushy” appearance. Stems are brittle and new leaves may be thickened.roots are often short and stubby; very few root hairs are present .flowering and fruiting are reduced and what develops is often distorted

Boron deficiency can occur when the pH of the growing medium exceeds 6.5, because boron is tied up and unavailable for plant uptake .Deficiency can also occur from low fertilizer application rates ,use of general purpose fertilizers(which typically have a reduced micronutrient content) and cool ,cloudy weather that limits the uptake of water and boron .During cool ,cloudy wather ,encourage a rapid dry –down of the growing mediumby increasing airflow, reducing humidity and increasing the temperaturesof the growing medium . The use of SRUSHTI BORON can help with drainage and ,due to its higher air capacity, may reduce the effects of overwatering .Impatiens, pansies,petunias and saivia are sensitive to boron deficiency,especially during the plug stage or in containers with small growing medium volumes

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