Pota Rise in one of the important key elements in terms of quantitative plants requirement though it is abundant in sails in both organic and in organic forms but its availability is restricted as it owns mostly in insoluble from soil bacteria inhabiting around on the roots surface and facilitate the plant growth by various methods has been isolated from the faddy rhizosphere among many isolated two isolated bacillus pupils and pseudomonas psevdocalcaligenes were evaluated of for their ability to salvable potassium to help plant in its growth promotion in the lord condition selected bacteria were analysed for their potassium solubilizing ability on different source and also for various growth related physiology including accumulation of carbohydrate as Mo protection under saline stress Pota rise (KMB) protect the plants from salinity injury by enhancing its growth related. Physiology like striatal conductance electrolyte leakage and lipid peroxidation. Plant inoculated with potassium mobilizing bacteria Pota rise also actinolite more type and number of soluble

carbohydrates analysed by analysis in leaves under salinity which helps the plants to overcome osmotic stress.

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