Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria About Brand Mode of Action Benefits Crop Method Of Application Method of Dosage compatibility more info Improve Soil,plant Helth

Mode of Action

Zinc solubilizing bacteria produces organic acid and converting the insoluble zinc sulphide, Zinc oxide and Zinc carbonate into available Zn+ through lowering the soil Ph and breaking down the complexity and increase the crop yield and soil health

Target Crop

Crop grown between 5 to 8 Ph ZSB should be applied specialy in paddy, Wheat, Pulses, Citrus, Pomegranate, Ginger etc

Benefits to the crops

» Control khera disease in paddy

» Increase crop yield and the quality of the produce

» Improve soil health and activate hormones

» Improve root and plant growth

» Improve photosynthetic activity

» Method of Application and dosage in the field at the time of final ploughing and in the for Liquid

» Soil Application-Mix 500 ml-1.0litr ZINC Liq per acre in 50 kg well decomposed

» Fym field soil and broadcast standing crop up to 25 days after sowing

Drip Irrigation- MIX 500 ml-1.0 litr acre of Zinc liq in 100 lit of water and apply in the field trough drip irrigation

Note: Do not mix with Antibiotic. Compatible with bio-fertilizers and bio- pesticides when applied in the soil

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